Sausage Festival

„Food and drink and merry making” at the Hungarian Railway Museum
The “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” brings country flavours and feeling to Budapest

With winter coming, it is time to stock up the pantry. That is the reason why it is worth visiting the “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” in Budapest from 14th – 16th November, where you can experience Hungary’s latest and most original gastronomic sensation. The organizers bring the traditional Pig Slaughtering atmosphere to Budapest. The event is going to be 100% celebrity free, especially traditional and a gastro-cultural delicacy. Every day of the event from morning till dusk you can experience a multitude of family and adult programs on 100,000 m2. The party starts after dark and lasts till midnight. Visitors at the event can relive how the previous generations amused themselves.

During the daytime the programs offer fun for children and adults as well: petting zoo with lots of animals and horses, presenting indigenous Hungarian species (black buffalo, grey cattle, racka sheep, mangalitsa, etc.) and all of the pig breeds can be seen this year at the renovated “Water Tower Park”. The park was named after Europe’s biggest water tower which was built of bricks. A number of free programs are available for children during the day: air castle, face painting, clowns, folk dancers, arts and crafts, manual thresher, corn grinder, archery demonstration, theatre for children, operetta, folk dancing, etc. Adults won’t get bored either since they can take a walk in Europe’s largest railway history park where they can see almost 100 railway monuments: steam engines, locomotives, rail cars, etc. During the event guides will tell the visitors about the different locomotives which can be climbed upon. During the day at the “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” all of the interactive programs will be available: steam engine riding, toy train with 6 cars, Draisines (velorails or railbikes), train rotating platform, railcar and omnibus. There are very few places in the world where you can ride an actual steam engine. Not behind the engine in a wagon but sitting next to the train driver! Oldtimer tractors, cars and motorbikes can be seen as a teaser to the “Oldtimer’s Weekend” held each year in April at the Hungarian Railway Museum. Visitors can choose from the traditional farm grown foods, drinks and other culinary specialities. At the “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” we have arranged a huge farmers market: wine street, pálinka street, arts and crafts street, folk art street and sausage village.

Every day there will be a live pig slaughter (free of blood and pig cries) with meat processing demonstrations held in the evening to start the night programs.

And in a big way! A 120-year-old coal-fired steam engine will power the 112-year-old thresher. The thresher will be fed with wheat mixture and at the rear the wheat will drop out. Then wheat is spread out on a flat surface and the pig is laid on it and is scorched. After that the butchers will cut the pig in half and dice it up. They grind up the meat, season it in a bowl and stuff it intestines. Afterwards women roast the sausages on the spot with other delicacies. A gypsy band will play music in the tent during the event. Anyone who is cold should take a walk in the pálinka street and take a shot of a good spirit. Those longing for a real homemade sausage should wonder among the stalls in the “sausage village” and experience the real taste. At our festival you can stock up on a variety of homemade sausages, meat and dairy products for the upcoming winter. If you are keen on some gastronomic specialties then you should visit our wine cellar and terrace at the grounds of the “Water Tower Park”. Our folk art street and village museum will be interesting for those who are enthusiastic about ethnography. You can warm yourself up in the 3,000m2 Orient engine house. There you can be a part of a wedding ceremony and reception until 9 o’clock in the evening where you can enjoy the food and have fun. Guests can enjoy the oldtimers from 9 pm till midnight. Legendary bands and musicians will perform Hungarian and foreign oldies. We will have a wide variety of food and beverages waiting for you during the whole festival. If you wish to dine you surely won’t be let down as the prices will be capped at 450Ft/100gr.

The “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” comes to the capital with moderate prices. The daily entrance fee is only 2,500Ft for adults. The admission is 1,500Ft for children and 6,999Ft for a four-member family. With the entrance ticket visitors can see all the attractions at the festival and participate in music programs as well as watch the oldtimers of the Hungarian Railway Museum. The entrance ticket can be bought at the venue during opening hours in unlimited quantity. You can purchase your ticket by credit card as well. You can buy tickets in advance in ticket offices nationwide and on the internet ( starting from 1st August.

Please come to the “Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival” 14th – 16th November and experience the traditional flavours and merriment.

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